About Us

L.E.A.D. Consultants is an organization designed to provide quality training to members of the law enforcement community. Many of the consultants (instructors) employed by this organization are current members of the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team. Other consultants, employed by this organization are active members of other Special Operations teams.  These consultants have demonstrated the skills necessary to be employed by this organization and have proven to be an excellent asset to this organization and the law enforcement community in general. This organization continually seeks to identify and retain instructors that will satisfy those qualities.

The goal of this organization is to provide training that is as realistic and practical as possible. We are able to accomplish this goal by hiring consultants that are well versed in various disciplines based on their "Operational Experience." Operational experience simply means that they have been exposed to various real life missions. Their experience is not "conjecture" based on table top exercises or what they've read from a book. Their experience is based on the triumphs of missions gone well and from missions gone awry. These instructors have matured intellectually, emotionally and operationally from those experiences and will pass on their knowledge to you. After all, experience can be described as learning from your mistakes as well as from your triumphs. Information gleaned from our operational experience will better prepare you and your organization for future missions.

In addition to providing realistic and practical training, we want to provide the training that is specific to "Host Agency" needs. In other words, we cover subject matter that "YOU" specify. We will not force you to attend a "generic" or "cookie cutter" course of instruction. You tell us the subject matter you want covered and we'll provide the instructor best suited for that course of training. The Host Agency will also receive some complimentary student tuitions. This will help the Host Agency by allowing some of their team members to attend without the added cost of tuition. There are some requirements that are expected from the host agency. These requirements will be uploaded in the near future.  Please check back or
contact us for additional information.

In summary, our goal is to give you the best training available based on real life missions.  With support from the Host Agency, a cadre of experienced instructors, and, enthusiastic students, we can accomplish this goal. Lastly, it is essential that you understand this about our our instructors -- We are part-time instructors and full-time students. With each class our instructor and operator knowledge grows. We will pass on that knowledge, give credit where credit is due, and continually strive to provide the best training possible.  So, exploit our organization to the fullest extent. 

Let us know what you need and, if feasible, we will provide the training necessary to advance your organization and always -
"Take the Lead”