November 11, 2005

Background: On August 13, 2005, members of the LAPD SWAT firearms cadre conducted a bare gelatin ballistic test at the Elysian Park Academy. There, several munitions were tested, a variety of weapons were used and the test results were recorded. A primary focus of that test was to determine the best-suited general purpose munitions for deployment with the Colt M4 carbine. After careful consideration, the Black Hills 77 grain MOD1 bullet was selected for that purpose (See Fact Sheet dated 10-10-05). That recommendation was then forwarded to the Commander of Metropolitan Division, Captain Scott Kroeber.

On September 23, 2005, Deputy Chief Michael Hillmann reviewed the September 10 Fact Sheet and concurred with the selection of the MOD1 bullet for SWAT use. On October 17, 2005, Sergeant Saila Adams, Aide, Office of Operations, forwarded a memo to Chief Hillmann, Special Operations Bureau, with a request from Chief Gascon to research what type of .223 caliber munitions were being used by other agencies. That memo was then forwarded to Lieutenant Michael Albanese, Metropolitan Division SWAT OIC by way of a memo from Lieutenant Dennis Kato, Special Operations Bureau on October 20, 2005. There, the memo directed Lieutenant Albanese to research .223 caliber munitions used by other agencies and forward that information back to Special Operations Bureau.

The Hornady 77 grain MOD1 .223 caliber bullet is a mil-spec bullet and is currently being used by military special operations units (US ARMY DELTA, DEV GROUP, etc.) overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a consequence, the MOD1 cannot be marketed as such to the law enforcement community. Therefore, Hornady has issued a law enforcement product code (PC#) as the LAPD114 bullet to replace the “MOD1” title. To satisfy the requirement to ascertain what munitions other agencies are using, a variety of highly respected SWAT teams located throughout the United States and one team from Canada were contacted regarding their selection of .223 caliber munitions. The results of those quires are referenced below:

Anchorage, AK Police Department – SWAT: Hornady 62 grain Tactical Application Police (TAP).

Note: The Anchorage SWAT Team plans to test the Black Hills MOD1 for the purpose of considering a change of their current .223 caliber bullet.

Boston, MA Police Department – SWAT: Federal 40 grain .223 caliber bullet for interior environments and the Federal 62 grain Ballistic Tip bullet for exterior environments.

Clarktown, NY Police Department – SWAT: Hornady 55 grain Tactical Application Police (TAP).

Dallas Police Department – SWAT: Federal 62 grain Ballistic Tactical.

Note: The Dallas SWAT Team is aware of the MOD1 and communicated their inability to procure the bullet due to its high cost.

Los Angeles County Sheriff, Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) – SWAT: Federal 55 grain High Shock Soft Point bullet.

South East Coast Regional, MA (SEACOAST) – SWAT: Hornady 60 grain Tactical Application Police (TAP)

Vancouver, BC Police Service – ERT: Winchester 62 grain FMJ (training) and the Federal 64 grain Soft Point bullet for ERT duty.

After a variety of SWAT teams were contacted, it was apparent that the only consistency found amongst the teams was an
inconsistency to select a common .223 caliber bullet. However, two of the teams contacted would consider deploying the Hornady MOD1 (PC# LAPD 114) given the opportunity to test and evaluate the bullet.

The Special Weapons and Tactics platoon hereby request that the procurement of the Hornady 77 grain LAPD 114 .223 caliber bullet move forward with subsequent approval for deployment with the Colt M4 Carbine.

Prepared by:
Lieutenant Michael Albanese, Officer-in-Charge
Special Weapons and Tactics Platoon
Metropolitan Division
Officer Michael W. Odle
Special Weapons and Tactics PlatoonMetropolitan Division