Defensive Tactics

Whether working a patrol assignment or performing a SWAT mission, police officers need to be proficient in unarmed arrest & control tactics. To this end, the Arrest & Control program covers the four areas of unarmed physical tactics: Joint Locks, Pugilistic, Takedowns, and Ground Fighting. Since it is a fact that more than half of all suspect/police officer altercations end up on the ground, a special emphasis is placed on ground fighting skills. In addition, this course provides training in the mental skills that are the necessary adjunct to these arrest and control tactics: 
  • Verbal communications
  • Common suspect altercation patterns
  • Mindset
  • Reasonable and necessary force
  • Tactical team physical tactics considerations

Finally, the course centers on reality-based, hands-on scenario training. Therefore, regardless of an officer’s skill level or experience, this course will enhance an officer’s level of readiness for any physical confrontation.

This course is offered as a 3-day end user @ $450.00 per student. The 5-day Instructor Course is $650.00 per student.

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