SWAT Team Leader & SWAT Commander Course


The student will be introduced to concepts and philosophies of critical decision-making specific to the duties of a SWAT Team Leader and Commander during special operations missions.  The student will identify their personal Leadership Styles, Behaviors and Leadership Strategies to effectively communicate and lead persons under their command.  The student will be exposed to critical decision-making and the ethical dilemmas that arise when personal values collide with directions from superiors.  The 5-day course will cover the responsibilities of the Team Leader down range working with the tactical component and the SWAT Commander working at the command post with the Incident Commander.  This course is comprehensive and unlike other leadership courses that simply address tactics.

Tuition for this course is $600.00.  

An example of subjects covered are:

  • High Risk Missions - Concepts and Philosophies
  • Command & Control – Decisions Made Downrange
  • Leadership Behavior – Leading the Led
  • Leadership Task & Competencies
  • Critical Decision-Making and the Ethical Dilemma
  • Leadership Principles
  • Critical Decision-making & When Things go Wrong