Crowd Control & Management Tactics Mobile Field Force

This course is designed for all law enforcement field personnel who are responders to various types of crowd control and management situations.  The situations may involve a peaceful demonstration, march or rally with planned sacrificial arrests to an all out civil unrest with an unruly crowd bent on committing criminal acts.

Some of the topics for the
three day course will include: Introduction to Crowd Control and Management planning; Preparation Of Individual Personnel; Riot Vs First Amendment Issues; Passive Resistant Demonstrations; Use of Force; Riot Control; Field Troops Deployment; Formations and Movement; Related Field Training Exercises.

Additional topics for the
five day course will include: Practical Review Of Field Topics; Mobile Field Force Specialized Operations (Tactical Support Elements) in conjunction with ground personnel; Mass Arrest and Field Bookings; Related Field Training Exercises To Enhance Performance and Mission Readiness Of All Involved Participants.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the participant will have a better understanding of:

  • 3-Day Course (27 Hours @ $450.00 per student)
  • First Amendment Vs Riot
  • Use of Force relating to Crowd Control
  • Passive Resistant Demonstrations
  • Sacrificial arrests – cooperative/uncooperative

5-Day Course will also include(40 Hours @ $600.00 per student):  Mobile Field Force (MFF) Specialized Operations Tactical Support Element (TSE) Deployment Blending of MFF and TSE Tactics