Alfred DeAndrea

Sergeant A.J. DeAndrea is an 18 year veteran of the Arvada, Colorado Police Department.  He is currently assigned to patrol and served as a member and Team Leader of the Jefferson County Regional SWAT Team for 15 ½ years.  Sergeant DeAndrea has received 5 Medals for Valor, 2 Medals for Distinguished Service, 2 Medals for Meritorious Service, 2 unit citations and numerous commendations.  Sergeant DeAndrea was an Entry Team Leader at Columbine High School and a Team Leader during the Bulldozer Incident in Granby, CO.  Sgt. DeAndrea helped devise and execute the tactical plan for the Hostage Rescue at Platte Canyon High School in September, 2006.  Again in 2006 he was the Team Leader during an Officer Rescue where over thirty rounds were fired.   Sergeant DeAndrea is the epitome of the law enforcement professional.
His devotion to duty, his tireless support of the SWAT mission, and his unwavering commitment to the community he serves, makes him a professional to be emulated by all.  It is a privilege and honor to call him both my brother in arms and my friend.